Thursday, February 16, 2012


So I said that most people reacted really well to me coming out at school. And that's the trust. Most people did react... really well. At least all the people that mattered reacted well. The squad, my lab partners, most of my teachers. It really didn't change too much, but there were a few...

This is a story that's not easy to tell... and it's been a long time coming. It's just something that needs to be told. I need to... tell it. To get it off my chest. And I don't know where to start, not really. I think, maybe the middle. Because that first paragraph that I just wrote... it feels wrong.

So onto the middle bit.

It starts in a hallway. Between second and third period. And I've just gone and gotten my hair cut and dyed and it looks wonderful. I'd just gotten my results from my English midterm and I was practically glowing with the praise I'd gotten. I'd been having a really good week as it turns out.

Of course, when something is going so phenomenally well, it's only bound to go wrong sooner or later.

So the first bell rings and Dartsy passes me for our typical sneaky kiss between classes and then she's off again. And I'm headed my way too my poetry class, but then about half way there, I run into the only other person I've ever dated. And Andrew... wasn't looking like his week was going quite as well as mine was. And then the second bell was ringing. And we were all late.

Which I, dumbly, pointed out to him.

Apparently he didn't care so much about attendance. And apparently neither did his friends. Apparently he had taken my coming out quite personally. And he had chosen to express that... just then. Very physically.

You know how everyone always bashes hall monitors? Everyone says they're geeky, points and laughs at their pocket protectors, cackles when they see the packed lunches. Hall monitors catch a lot of slack. But I'd never been so grateful to hear Suzy the Sleuth's shrill whistle. Me and my bruised ribs, my broken wrist, my broken nose and black eye. I think maybe I had some head trauma too?

It's hard to say.

But I was really glad to see Suzy. She saved me from... a lot worse than I got, I'll just say that.

Dartsy wanted to show Andrew and his ignorant friends what was right and wrong, but I didn't let her. That would make things worse. And I'd already called the family lawyer and arranged to fix the situation the right way. It helped.


...And then I got to prematurely come out to my parents. Their reaction was... better than Andrew's at least.

I don't think I want to keep typing this story. I'm tired. And still not feeling well. And we still can't move because Dartsy's still stubborn.